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Richard E. Madory
Richard E. Madory Esq.

Richard Madory was the founding partner of Madory, Zell, Pleiss, McGrath APC.  He recently received the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA)  first Life Time Achievement Award, in addition to many other honors and awards.


After many years as a civil trial lawyer representing plaintiffs and defendants, Mr. Madory's practice is now specializing in alternative dispute resolution.  Mr. Madory has participated as a mediator, arbitrator, settlement judge or party, in over 2000 cases. He is a proud retired Colonel in the United States Marine Corps.

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Madory Mediation - Arbitration
Madory mediation arbitration
Our Firm


Richard E. Madory, Mediation - Arbitration has served as a private mediator and arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association.


A mediator's role is to help parties communicate and negotiate with each other, but an arbitrators role is to listen to the evidence and arguments presented by each party and then decide the dispute. 

Services offered include mediation and arbitration of cases involving personal injury/wrongful death, products liability, medical and legal malpractice, elder abuse, premises liability, employment wrongful termination, sexual harassment and/or discrimination, insurance and other significant tort claims involving catastrophic injuries and damages.

We offer a competitive fee schedule with no administive fee and no case management fee


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